Sunday, 26 July 2015

New Political Blog: The Recovering Politician

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in provincial politics. I learned a ton, worked with many quality people, did a bit of good for my community, pushed a lot of boundaries, and became well acquainted with several hard lessons in political reality.

It turns out that leaving politics after 8 years to return to the private sector as a lawyer has been a very positive decision. It has meant more time with family, an opportunity to partake in the fruits of the private sector, and importantly, the freedom to reflect and speak out on several issues without the need for a political filter.

My goal in writing this blog is simple. I will provide a no bull, politically incorrect, and hopefully helpful take on political and other relevant topics of the day from the perspective of someone who has seen inside the heart of the provincial political beast, got out of it alive and mostly intact, and am now, thankfully, entirely unreliant on it for my financial well being - thus freeing me to, shall we say, tell it like it is.

Topics will include an inside look at the cult-like practices of today's political parties, the dawning of post partisan politics, the critically needed alliance of libertarians and conservatives, how Alberta slid into a quasi-socialist state while no one was looking, and perhaps a few insights into what will go down as perhaps the most chaotic 8 years in provincial political history (2008-2015).

Our political world in this province is populated by mostly well meaning elected individuals, a similarily well meaning but sensationalist media far too preoccupied with ratings rather than the thorough reporting of facts, a legion of bureaucrats, political operatives and union leaders with an intense pecuniary interest in entrenching the status quo, and an army of political lobbyists trying desperately to assist legitimate businesses and non-profit groups to navigate through the aforementioned murky political swamp.

Its quite a mix...and it makes for some pretty good entertainment!

But don't mistake this cynicism for despair. There are thousands of very talented people and emerging movements in our political marketplace. I actually believe there is much to look forward to and work towards. But make no mistake, our best future likely won't originate out of our current provincial or federal political model - it is broken far beyond repair. It will come from regular people leading extraordinary movements independent from the fetters of political partisanship, special interests and the group think so aptly demonstrated by the mainstream media and current political parties.

It's gonna be fun to watch.                            

Rob Anderson
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