Saturday, 28 November 2015

Alberta's "Health" Mafia at it Again!

Alberta Health Service’s decision to terminate the contract of Airdrie’s beloved physician & head of Airdrie Urgent Care, Dr. Julian Kyne, was not a personnel decision as AHS claims. 

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Dr, Julian Kyne - Airdrie's Head of Urgent Care
It was a mafia-style hit job of an individual who has advocated tirelessly for a 24-hour urgent care centre for Airdrie.

Earlier this year AHS brass were furious when Dr. Kyne, Mayor Brown, a group of local philanthropists and investors, the Airdrie Health Foundation and yours truly, went around the heel draggers at AHS to secure the commitment of government support (including a $4 million down payment) for a new 24-hour health centre. Then Health Minister Stephen Mandel was entirely committed to the project and had the political muscle to ensure it happened.

Big-hearted local family, Hugh and Loreen Hamilton, recently donated the land to the project and everything seemed set to go.

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Dr. Kyne, Minister Mandel, Mayor Brown, AHF chair Michelle Bates
and yours truly announcing 24-hour health centre for Airdrie last Spring
One problem, a few months ago the voters elected an NDP government, and all of a sudden Dr. Kyne no longer had political cover from a supportive minister, mayor and MLA in government.
That is when AHS took its revenge on Dr. Kyne.

AHS will of course deny this, but they are lying. And they should be ashamed. 

*Published in the Airdrie Echo and Airdrie City View (November 2015)

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